I can make a piñata into (almost) any shape you desire: a cocktail, a palm tree or even a recycling truck (probably the strangest pinata I’ve made... yet!). They can be filled with sweets, confetti, samples of your product, gold… whatever makes contextual sense for your brand, product or event – and we can collaborate on ideas for that, too. 

Pinatas are couriered direct to your event or party based on the agreed times – where it will act as a centre point, bringing your guests together in the collective fun of whacking something in the aim of having its contents rain to the floor. But don't worry too much if you don't want an angry mob to destroy your newly received props, as they are often wanted as keepsakes. Just don't give them a stick!

Pinatas can also make for great and thoughtful gifts. For example, I created 20 perfume bottle shaped pinatas for Viktor & Rolf to send out to some of their clients. 

I love hearing about your piñata ideas, so if this sounds like the right thing for your event, party or brand – do get in touch to kick off a commission! if you’d like to find out more about hosting a piñata workshop for your next fiesta!

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"Having Lizzie’s Tie Dye workshops at Camp Bestival & Bestival is always an absolute dream! The workshops have been hugely popular with participants of all ages – lots of colourful fun for kids, parents and grandparents alike who are all keen to get involved and make something together. Lizzie’s knowledge and cool workshop style is always so much fun and the products produced during the sessions are fantastic and a real highlight of people’s weekends! Lizzie is a part of the festival family now and it’s always an absolutes pleasure to work with her to produce the sessions from start to finish"

Heather Garrett, Arts Producer, Bestival.